This Isn’t Your Average 5K Preparation For Austin’s Most Fun Race

Publish Date: March 26

The summer is coming up, and you know what that means. More hiking, beaches, and, of course, races! While most people are out there firing up their C25K apps and jogging about, getting their bodies back in shape for a 5k run, there’s one special 5k for which you won’t need that.


That’s right, I’m talking about the Fun Stop 5k!

If for some reason you haven’t heard, the Fun Stop 5k is a race that occurs every year in Austin, TX, where it’s not really about racing the 5k. In fact, this is what would be considered the “slowest race you ever ran”. The reason why is because you’re probably going to be stopping multiple times to shoot some water guns, drink a beer, kiss a puppy, or one of the many other things that might occur along the way. Along with the 5k is the music festival, which is going to be fun for all ages and have tons of activities on its own (and don’t forget food trucks, Austin’s favorite thing aside from music festivals). You’ll definitely want to jump in on this.

So how do you prepare for it?

As they described in their recent blog post about preparation, just think of your every day routine as its own course. Getting up in the morning, grabbing coffee or breakfast, taking a lunch break and going down to grab a sandwich… these are all opportunities to simply jog to each “stop”, grab some food or what what you need to do, and jog back. That’s essentially what you’re going to be doing in this race. Don’t expect to be going through the 5k all in one go. You’ll definitely want to hit the stops and have some fun. Which also means bring some friends!

Now, there’s only one thing missing.

If you can, wear something nuts while you’re doing your every day routine. Why? Because that’s what you’ll do in the Fun Stop 5k race! Everyone picks the wackiest, most crazy costumes they can come up with and runs the race and attends the festival with it. In the end, a contest will take place where the winner will receive a prize for the most nuts costume at the event, voted on social media.

Come check out the Fun Stop 5k June 23rd, with the festival beginning at 4 PM and the 5K beginning at 6 PM. It’s the most fun you’re going to have at a 5k, and the festival is going to have a killer lineup. Check out the Fun Stop 5K homepage to see the lineup and all the stops as they’re being revealed in between now and the event date.